Secretary General's

Dear Esteemed Delegates, Advisors, and Distinguished Guests,

It is with immense pleasure and anticipation that I extend a warm welcome to you all to the International Academic School Model United Nations 2024! As the Secretary-General of IASMUN, I am honored to be part of this prestigious event, and I look forward to an enriching and engaging experience for each and every participant.

This year's conference is not just about simulation; it's about fostering collaboration, embracing diversity, and cultivating the spirit of diplomacy. As delegates, you play a crucial role in this endeavor. Your passion, intellect, and commitment to diplomacy are the driving forces behind the success of IASMUN.

Our dedicated team has worked tirelessly to ensure that this conference surpasses expectations. From thought-provoking committees to expertly crafted agendas, we aim to provide an environment that encourages intellectual growth, cultural exchange, and lasting friendships.

Whether you are a seasoned delegate or a first-time participant, IASMUN 2024 is your stage to shine. Seize the opportunity to engage in constructive dialogue, showcase your diplomatic skills, and contribute to the resolutions that will shape the future of our global community.

I extend my best wishes to each of you as you embark on this MUN journey. May your experiences be enlightening, your debates impactful, and your connections enduring.

Looking forward to meeting you all and witnessing the remarkable contributions you will undoubtedly bring to IASMUN 2024!

Warmest Regards,
Aya Bawaba
IASMUN'24 Secretary-General

Secretary General

Deputy Secretary General's

Deputy Secretary General

Hello there,

I am Yousef Naser, the Deputy Secretary-General, extending a warm welcome to the International Academic School Model United Nations 2024!

In my role, I ensure proper procedures are taken and support fellow organizers. Wherever and whenever challenges arise, I am committed to helping. I want to express gratitude and respect to each member, delegate, and advisor—your hard work has brought us to this point. IASMUN is driven by ambitious individuals dedicated to its goals.

As Deputy Secretary-General, I am proud to be part of IASMUN and ready to assist with any issues. Thank you for being here, and I look forward to a successful IASMUN 2024.

Best regards,

Yousef Naser
Deputy Secretary-General